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Alexa Friedman

The Story of Alexa Friedman

Alexa is the youngest of 3 three girls in her family. With her sister being 15 and 17 years older, she learned at a very young age how to entertain a household of adults. By age four, she was doing radio commercials for her parent’s small business and loved hearing her voice on the airwaves.

This was just the beginning. By age eight, she was doing print ads for toy boxes and catalogs for a kids’ clothing line. At age nine, she ventured to Los Angeles for a taste of what real acting was like. She was able to get cameo parts in various sitcom shows on Disney, Nickelodeon, and Fox channel.

But as she aged, getting cast became more difficult. She then decided to try her talents in singing. Coming from a musical family, she instantly became very comfortable in her new career path. But just sing and recording songs wasn’t enough. Alexa loved being in front of the camera.

She with a very famous vocal producer and video production team to support her ambitions, she filmed her first music video, “Enraptured.” This video went on to win Alexa, her first award for “Independent Music Video of the Year” at the HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Award).

At age 14, you would think she was satisfied but nope, not this young lady. She has now stepped out into FX make-up. Now at age 17, she has her entire future ahead of her with many options. The sky is the limit as she now decided on her future career and colleges.