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Alexa Friedman
HMMA for the 2020 Award Show

Take Me Down

Take Me Down is about those people who just want to ruin your day. As you watch the video, I am fighting “bad guys” and defeating them with skills I didn’t even know I had. During the video, a man drops down from out of nowhere to help me fight them off. It all shows that there is always someone out there going through something very similar and it takes finding those right people to get you back onto your feet again. The ending of the video definitely brings a little twist but shows that no one’s opinions truly matter. It’s yourself and your own self-doubt that you need to defeat in order to succeed.


Here’s my brand new music video to “Enraptured”! So excited to share it with everyone! It was a blast to film. Amazing director, film crew, dancers, rapper, and songwriter. This is all because of you!! Enjoy!!

Meant to Be

This song was written by Estani Frizzell and has such a powerful meaning to me personally. With years of acting, auditioning, singing, and dance, this song reminds me that your dream can be just around the corner. Never listen to others who doubt your goals. “If you believe it, you can do it!”